10 Creative Travel Journal Ideas

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While handwritten stories will make you smile, you’ll find even more pleasure in flipping back through a dynamic, 3-D travel notebook full of tokens and tidbits from your trip! Read on for 10 unusual items for your travel journal.

Goal Setting or Intention Setting?

It might be time to let go of goal-setting, and gutting it out with those resolutions. Is there another way? Can we get a second take on this process?

Journaling Your New Year’s Goals

The idea of New Year’s resolutions is as old as time.  Perhaps it’s the innately human love for a fresh start. Indeed, some embrace it eagerly, grateful for another chance to make all their plans come to life while others fear losing their momentum.  This year, instead of a list, try a journaling approach to […]

10 Tips For Starting and Keeping A Travel Journal

Whether you are an aspiring traveler or an avid adventurer, a travel journal is your best friend, a tool that will help you before, during and after your travels. Your journal will help you share the joy of your travels, instantly letting friends and family have a taste of your travels.

How To Keep A Gratitude Journal That Works

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A gratitude journal is a great way to turn thankful thoughts into an agent of change for your mind, body and spirit. Your gratitude journal is your personal place to pause and look at yourself – reflect on your blessings in life as well as the areas you would like to see change.

10 Reasons To Keep A Travel Journal

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Half the journey is anticipation. Choose a Leatherpress journal and put down your plans. Create a list of must-sees, and throw in a couple to take a chance on. Leave time for interruption or a detour – that’s where the magic happens.

How To Create a Movie Journal

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Wouldn’t it be great to have a movie watchlist of films that fit the mood and the group? Stop the Netflix scroll and start a movie journal.

What Is A Legacy Journal

What is a legacy journal? It’s a written record of memories, advice and instruction, a life story and collected wisdom.

Goal Setting Journal

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As college graduation approaches, the prospect of entering “the real world” can be overwhelming.This post combines 3 journaling ideas to plan and process your future: gratitude lists, goal planning, and simple to-do lists.