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10 Ways to Use a Pocket Notebook

The popularity of Leatherpress Pocket Journals proves they’re just as desirable as our larger journals. In fact, slightly over half of all Leatherpress Journals sold in 2023 were pocket journals.

Top 5 Benefits of Journaling

Whether you are simply a notebook lover, or a years-long journaling expert, you’ll appreciate these notes on the benefits of journaling. Journaling can be good for your health!

2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Pine tree with snow and blurred snowy background and title 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

No matter who you’re giving to, Leatherpress has you covered. Check out our holiday gift guide to shop our suggestions.

Why a Journal Makes a Great Gift

Do you find yourself buying a gift for someone and thinking to yourself, “will they ever actually use this?” Make an investment that will be worth your money by gifting a journal.

A Food Journal of Memories

What is a food memory journal? It’s a great way to make any culinary experience more. Read on for ideas on this theme.

Mind Mapping Ideas

Banner of thinking man in the mountains, preparing for mind mapping exercise.

Mind mapping is a powerful tool. Many digital tools help, but we think analog mind mapping adds pleasure to the process. The smell of leather and paper and the sound of the pen on paper coax words into your journal.

6 Summer Journal Ideas

Summer at the beach

No better time to start or expand your journaling than in the summer. Read on for summer journal ideas that’ll capture and preserve summertime moments.

10 Creative Travel Journal Ideas

Girl with a reddish orange beret sitting at a table on the street

While handwritten stories will make you smile, you’ll find even more pleasure in flipping back through a dynamic, 3-D travel notebook full of tokens and tidbits from your trip! Read on for 10 unusual items for your travel journal.

Goal Setting or Intention Setting?

It might be time to let go of goal-setting, and gutting it out with those resolutions. Is there another way? Can we get a second take on this process?