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How To Create a Movie Journal

It’s a Friday night. You’re sitting in front of the TV with a group of friends trying to decide on a movie. Someone with the remote is scrolling through the channels while others scroll through Amazon prime and Netflix on their phones. Every suggestion meets shouts of “I’ve already seen it” or “I’m not in the mood,” so you keep scrolling for another 10 or 20 minutes, only to finally settle on watching Spectre or another one of the Bond movies for the 10th or 20th time.  Where is your movie watchlist when you need it?

Great Movies Stick With You

Of course, even after the 10th time, who doesn’t enjoy the stunning shots of icy mountain heights and crystal blue lakes showcased in Casino Royale or the historic Italian scenery in Quantum of Solace? And watching a movie with friends gives the viewing a shared dimension. You marvel together at scenes of towering castles and animated cities, quote funny lines together or draw parallels to your own lives. Movies can become bonding shared experiences – if they’re good!

LIght shining out of a retro film projector

Keep Track Of The Best

Enter our movie journal idea. We have already shared our Reading Journal Ideas, but we think this particular movie list has its own unique power, especially when it comes to upping the level of your next solo night-in or social night out. Wouldn’t it be great to have a movie watchlist of films that fit the mood and the group? Stop the Netflix scroll and start a movie journal.

A Quick How-To

Use your Leatherpress journal to get it all down. Create a table of contents (or use the one inn the Heritage journal) with the names of each movie so you can quickly find your favorites. In the body of your journal, fill a page or two with your take on each movie. How would you rate it? What is the genre? When did you first watch it and with who? Who would you recommend the movie to?  Write down your favorite one-liners to whip out at your next dinner party or in the hallways at work. Make a list of starring actors you’ve enjoyed and search out more of their films. Download our Movie Journal Template for more ideas.

You’ll find that over time, you’ve got movies to return to, recommendations to offer, and ideas for new films to watch. Your friends will come to depend on your film journal, too.

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Movies Can Be Magical

After all, good movies can have a big impact, and film holds real power. In the words of Walt Disney himself, “Movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood.”

Believe it or not, the worlds of our movies shape the world in which we live. By journaling your favorite movies (or those which you swear to avoid at all costs) your movie repertoire can become a door into deeper engagement with life. Like a book journal, a movie journal will become your personal collection of beautiful far-away landscapes, complex relationships, hilarious escapades and harrowing escapes.

Begin Your Leatherpress Movie Journal

Grab your Leatherpress journal and start now. Or get your Leatherpress notebook today, in pocket-size or large.

Don’t forget to download our free movie journal template!