Inspire Collection

Your world is alive with color, let it inspire.

Inspiration. It strikes unexpectedly...

A casual conversation, a shift in the light, the tap of a foot, and suddenly an idea that was nowhere one moment is here the next. If you can capture it, the flash becomes a story, a painting, a song – a work of art conceived. Don’t let the moment be here and then gone! Find your muse in our Inspire Collection.

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Live in Color...

Sometimes the exotic will inspire, sometimes the everyday can offer inspiration of its own. Leatherpress journals keep pace with your dreams and ideas. Corral those fleeting and momentary sparks and bring them to full technicolor on the pages of your Leatherpress Inspire journal.

Being curious has its advantages. We often find places and people to be more than we imagined. The further we go, the more we know. Write it all down in your Leatherpress notebook: the sights, sounds, smells, and the conversations. It’ll be there later, to conjure this up once again, this experience in serendipity.



Journal Inspiration Ideas

Adventure begins with a single, seemingly impossible thought. Stretch your dreams to their limits. View every work of art by your favorite artist? Describe your everyday encounters with art. Got a poem inside of your head? Sometimes when you get a few words down, the rest follow quickly. Beautiful ideas deserve a beautiful background.

Be still for a moment. Listen to your breath and find your focus. Take a look around and see the the extraordinary amidst the routine, the abundance available to the eyes and ears. Use your Inspire notebook as a repository for thankfulness.  So much is within our sights if we take the time to look it straight in the eye. 


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