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Introducing Leatherpress

Leatherpress grew out of a dream for leather notebooks and journals in the kind of leather that makes anything from your hedge fund business plan to your Trader Joe’s shopping list look beautiful.  Like Dad’s vintage fountain pen, or grandma’s silver coffee spoons, we want these cherished everyday tools to be lovely and long-lasting.

Here’s a little more by way of introduction. We’re glad you’re here!

What Do We Do?

Leatherpress sells leather journals and notebooks.  Our aim is to help people get ideas, dreams, memories, and wisdom onto paper, whether just for themselves or for future generations. We’ve built our journals with this in mind, with full grain leather that lasts.

Who Might Like Our Products?

We make our journals and notebooks for people who want the luxurious feel of full grain leather. We love the difference top quality leather makes in the cars we drive, the shoes we wear, the bags we carry, and our everyday accessories are no exception. We want notebooks and journals that will last and wear in with to that lovely smoothness only leather brings.

Why Journals and Notebooks?

They are useful.  What do you write on a sheet of lined paper? Lists, To Do’s, the draft of a business plan, or your newest fiction project, BBQ recipes, your New Zealand travel itinerary.  Imagine that in a lovely leather journal—beautiful!

Journaling is a popular practice. It seems everyone, everywhere is touting the benefits of journaling, and certainly, with all we take in, it’s great to get important things off our minds, and onto paper. And journaling as a habit is recognized as a terrific way to improve mental health, clarity, and overall well-being.  We’ll talk more about that in future blogs.

Hemingway used one. This is the popular selling point of a well-known notebook brand. We’ve just made every one of ours in the best leather—probably more accurate to Hemingway’s.  We can’t guarantee your next novel will turn into a classic, but inspiration never hurts.

Personal growth is a cultural priority.  Growing habits, understanding yourself, maintaining a posture of gratefulness, taking care of your physical health—these topics and more dominate the bestseller lists. And journaling is a proven way to keep yourself accountable to your health, your emotions, gratitude.  A notebook is also a great way to chronicle your journey through all these books.

Organization is a priority. Whether at work or home, we want to get things done. That usually means getting your list on paper, prioritizing, and executing. Some extra space to reflect can help make sure the priorities are in order, and make those checkmarks feel extra rewarding.  Even the smallest task is important, so why wouldn’t you use a leather journal for your personal to-dos?

Travel has gotten easier and travel journals are a bonus. Even remote destinations are accessible, and, as the world wakes and stretches after a pandemic, people are eager to get out and away. We want to hear music in Ireland, soak up the sun in St. Bart’s, and shop for antiques in London. Travel journals are the essential carry-along for these adventures.

Journals and notebooks make great gifts. No doubt we’ve given and received journals as gifts. In some ways, they seem ubiquitous.  We’d love to change the game on that, with thoughtful details like subtle logo placements, numbered pages, heavyweight back pockets, and, of course, lovely leather. We’ve included leathers in traditionally masculine colors, great as that elusive gift for dad or the men in your life, packaged in a simple, classic black box.

We Love Gifts

We’ve made and loved gifts for a long time, but wanted to create keepsake journals and notebooks. These journals are great for any journaling idea, but these journals are great for legacy journals, the fly fishing journals and recipe journals, the journals you want to pass down. 

Do you need some extra help with your gift? Download a template for a reading journal, gratitude journal, or travel journal to add to your gift.

We Do Love Leather

We want our notebooks to feel like our other accessories, and to go well with our classic style.  Buying to keep and treasure is what we’re about.

Leather looks better over time.  That is, high quality leather like Leatherpress looks better with age.  Think about your favorite leather shoes and how they feel perfect after 5 years of wear.  That’s what happens with your journal, too.  Oils, dust, outdoor light, even scuffs add to the patina. Just like the twists and turns of life.

Just like your journal, each piece of leather tells a story. Our journals have the same shape and styling, but the leather on your Leatherpress journal or notebook is one of a kind. Even our Inspire journals, though stamped with a pebbled pattern, show signs of the unique pieces of top grain hide they’re made from.

Leather signals quality.  From the scent that wafts from the package, to the softness that comes with time, goods from leather are made to last.  Perhaps the bounty of fake leathers on the market illustrates that leather is a desirable product.  It lasts for generations, and is naturally biodegradable!

If you love journals and notebooks and you love leather, you are in the right place.  We’ve made these products for you.  Enjoy shopping and happy journaling.