Gratitude Journal

Record the everyday blessings each day brings.

Gratitude Journal Benefits

The benefits of gratitude journaling are seemingly boundless. Mentally and emotionally, it encourages and sustains an attitude of optimism, positive self-esteem, resilience and general satisfaction with life. Physically, it reduces stress, helps you sleep better, and lowers inflammation.  Is it any surprise that relationships flourish as well? Document it all in your Leatherpress Inspire notebook – pick a color that makes you happy!

Gratitude Journal With Prompts

It’s easy to get a start on being thankful as we look around at who and what we have in our lives. Some days, however, discouragement can fog our outlook, and obscure what’s in our sight. Those days we start with anything – thankful for an alarm clock, a job, morning coffee. Do you need more ideas about how to get started? Download our free gratitude journal prompt template. We’ll help you out.

Gratitude Journal For Kids

Start your kids off with an Inspire notebook and an assignment to write one thing they are thankful for every day. Set them off with a habit that will serve them well over their lifetime, and keep them resilient despite change.  A lovely leather notebook is a treat for kids, showing them how valuable gratitude is in our lives. Of course, kids learn from parents, so don’t forget to pick out a Heritage journal or Inspire notebook for yourself too!

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