Check that Mother's Day gift off the list.

One for you and your mother-in-law, too?

Personal and memorable...

A notebook records the best of the past and the stories of the future.

A Reading Journal

If your mom loves to read, this notebook becomes a record of her favorites to recommend and remember. Download our Reading Journal template to help her get started.

an everyday notebook

Use this lovely leather volume for any writing task, whether your grocery list, travel plans, gratitude, prayers, or your latest writing project. Brings beauty to whatever is on Mom’s mind.

A Recipe Notebook

Food is memory, family and tradition.  Get mom to get it all down here.  Fancy decoration only if you’re so inclined, otherwise simply write it in, breathe a sigh of satisfaction and start cooking.

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Quartz Pink Notebook | $29.99

Midnight Black Notebook | $29.99

Butter Yellow Notebook | $29.99

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