Quartz Pink Inspire Notebook

This leather notebook stands alone.

Not one alike and waiting for your singular story.

Quartz Pink Notebook | $29.99

A pink leather notebook different from all the rest.

Finally, a notebook just for you. Your color, your leather, every word and every page yours.

every cover different

Genuine top grain pebbled leather from South Africa feels great in the hand and takes on a lovely patina. Real leather means every hardcover notebook is different.

travels well

At just 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches, this journal tucks into any backpack or satchel pocket to have on hand when brilliance strikes. The leather stands up to squeezing, jostling, or dropping – any marks add to its character.

extra color inspiration

If you like the cover color, you’ll love coordinating endpapers and back pocket colors. Tuck away all those jotted notes, inspiring quotes, old photos or any other bits of beauty that enhance your notebook entries. 

Beauty inspires

These journals are so lovely, they can’t help but inspire. 240 creamy lined pages of 80gsm paper show off your best ideas, and give you lots of room to run.

Want your own?

Quartz Pink Notebook | $29.99

Open Quartz Pink journal

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