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Racing Green

Vast & Verdant

Open Racing Green Leather Journal with driving log written out

Roads may diverge but lead to the same destination.

Taking the road less traveled can make all the difference.

Racing Green

Face it, we can’t remember everything. Think of your Leatherpress Heritage Journal as your new memory palace. Capture those moments you don’t want to forget.


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  • Your leather memory palace – sumptuous South African full grain leather gains a unique patina with use.
  • Love the sound as you pen or pencil glides across the smooth creamy white 80 gsm paper.
  • Order your collections, your adventures, days or ideas with a Table of Contents and numbered pages.
  • Mark your spot with thoughts for your upcoming meeting with your ribbon marker.
  • Flexible leather softcover lends a professional air to a Leatherpress Heritage journal – in any color.


  • Large Size: 5.4 x 8.5 inches / 137 x 216 mm 
  • 240 pages
  • Creamy white 80 gsm paper
  • Attractive and minimalist presentation reduces packaging waste
  • Full-grain leather softcover journal
  • Smyth-sewn binding
  • Leatherpress logo on bottom right corner
  • Gilt edging 


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The Racing Green Leather Journal

Use your Racing Green leather journal as a driving log, describing all those miles you put on that old Land Rover. Include not only the distance and the destination, but the adventure, the characters you meet, and the sights you see. Write down what happened just because you were traveling that very day and at that hour. And don’t forget to mention what music accompanied your ride. Keep it all there in your journal, adding to the stories generations told before you. 

Leather Book Journal

Sometimes our adventures take us worlds away without even leaving our comfy sofa. Record your reading adventures in our green leather journal, compiling in a lovely leather journal all the friends and adventures you’ve gathered from books. Great for keeping track of what you’ve accomplished, and essential for making the best recommendations to your friends. For ideas, download our book journal template and include this with a gift for your favorite book lover.  

Product Features

Leather With Character

We only work with premium, full-grain, African leather, which we perfect with classical stitching and binding methods. You’ll be delighted with our high-quality, strong and long lasting leather. As a bonus, see your journal’s unique patina emerge naturally as you use it, giving your journal its own distinctive character.

Paper Perfection

Our ivory acid-free paper has been selected for its opacity and exceptional ability to absorb ink. The pages are 80gsm, a paper weight that lends itself to a smooth and elegant writing experience, while the end sheets are a firm and luxurious 200gsm.

Binding Craftsmanship

Our journals make use of Smyth sewing. David McConnell Smyth, an Irish-American bookbinder, developed this technique in the late 1800s.  Smyth was the first to sew collections of folded pages together by thread in a method still known today for its strength and durability.

Our Signature

Every Leatherpress journal comes complete with carefully considered details.  We finish our Heritage journals with gilded pages, a table of contents, and a gold debossed Leatherpress logo on the front right corner.


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