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We'll help you get it down before it's gone.

A beautiful journal is a joy forever.

Leatherpress journals move your thoughts to words on paper, clearing your mind, leaving a legacy, creating for the future and bringing dreams to life. Spark joy and ease your mind onto a Leatherpress journal page today.

Journaling Is Important

Like you, we have a lot going on. Work, home, play – making decisions, organizing schedules, planning for fun – always a “To Do”.  We know that wading through all the stuff of life can feel like walking against the surf.  But overwhelming evidence says that journaling helps keep us on track, whether writing our way through our priorities, telling a story or adventure, or making a list to relieve the stress of all we carry in our heads. In fact, you might consider these journals a leather mind palace! 

At the very least, journaling creates time and space for quiet, even if just long enough to write a sentence.

Your Journal Is Important

Sold on the idea of journals, we wanted to make one that reflected the value of what we’d put inside – we wanted the beauty of our memories, gratitude, travels, or business plans to have a home of equal beauty that would stand the test of time. Like you, we love tradition, family, the inherited pieces treasured and passed down. We love the smoothness of an old wooden chair and the character of worn-in leather.  We wanted a journal that embodied these traits and took us on an inspired journey to the future. 

Our Story

Leatherpress was born from this desire to curate leather journals and leather notebooks that match the value of the thoughts written within.

Our South African heritage led us to a small leather company in Vereeniging, South Africa specializing in leather for book binding. They source the leather from the wilds of South Africa and process it using a Teseo cutting machine.  The result is the soft full-grain leather on our Heritage journals and the pebbled leather for the Inspire notebooks, the first two of our collections to be released. 

Getting Started

While journaling is rewarding, we know getting started can be a challenge. Check out our How To page for ideas, and even some downloadable templates to get that journal going.

Our Difference

Leather swatches from Leatherpress Heritage colleciton

Leather With Character

We only work with premium, full-grain, African leather, which we perfect with classical stitching and binding methods. Our high-quality leather is strong but soft to the touch, and each piece is different just like every person is different! It will take on an individual patina over time, giving your journal its own distinctive character.


Paper Perfection

Our ivory acid-free paper has been selected for its opacity and exceptional ability to absorb ink. The pages are 80gsm, a paper weight that lends itself to a smooth and elegant writing experience, while the end sheets are a firm and luxurious 200gsm.

Binding Craftsmanship

Our journals make use of Smyth sewing, a technique developed by the Ireland-born American bookbinder, David McConnell Smyth, in the late 1800s. It was Smyth who first sewed collections of folded pages together by thread in a method still known today for its strength and durability.

Our Signature

Every Leatherpress journal comes complete with carefully considered details and finishing touches, including gilded pages on our Heritage journals, and an accordion-style storage pocket inside our Inspire notebooks. All journals and notebooks are finished with a debossed Leatherpress logo.

Contact Leatherpress

We know you will love your Leatherpress Heritage journal or Inspire notebook, but in the event that there is something amiss with your order, please contact support@leatherpress.com so we can make it right!

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