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Thoughts on paper tell your story

We don’t want to see those great ideas, poems and brainstorms stranded in your head. What do you wish you’d recorded over the years? From your child’s first words, to the story of your start-up, Leatherpress journals and notebooks take care of those stories you want to remember, preserve, and look back on.

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Real Ideas, Real Leather

Like you, we choose personal items carefully. We even like some of the best-selling notebooks already on the market. But most notebooks don’t come with a long-lasting real leather cover. That’s why every one of our Leatherpress Heritage journals and Inspire notebooks is covered in beautiful genuine leather, not a faux in sight.

Curated For Every Personality

Take your pick! Whether pops of color, demure black or tan, elastic close and pebbled leather, any of our journals or notebooks will take you where you want to go. Up to any journaling task you might dream up!

Re-live your best memories..

No matter which Leatherpress journal or notebook you choose, it’s all yours. Add your memories and ideas and personalize this leather treasure with YOU.