Leather Notebooks

Your world is alive with color, let it inspire.

Inspiration. It strikes unexpectedly...

Our leather notebooks are handy carry-alongs that fit nicely in your leather handbag, backpack or work bag. Clip a pen onto the elastic closure and you’ve got everything you need. You may find similar notebooks, but not with the South African leather covering we feature on every one of our notebooks. Try one today for your next business plan or travelogue.

Colors to Inspire

Do you like  a black notebook or a pink notebook, or something in between? Our Inspire collection of leather notebooks comes in colors for everyone on your gift list.  Whatever the occasion or whatever the idea or project you want to get down on paper, we’ve got the curated color for you.  

Journal Prompts

Getting started with journaling can be a challenge. You may already have a plan for how all your words will fit into this leather notebook. But writing down some questions, or having a scheme for a daily journaling notebook, especially, can be helpful.  A list of journal prompts kept inside the back interior pocket can keep your stories coming and your thoughts flowing. Check out our How To Use It Page for ideas and free downloadable templates.

Best Friend Gifts

We share life stories and dreams with our best friends, and are key actors in each other’s stories. Encourage your bestie to write their story down in a leather notebook from our Inspire Collection. Choose the color you know is best and set them off on an adventure, whether simply recording their day, or planning for the dream they’ve long wanted to come true.

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