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Mind Mapping Ideas

Mind mapping is a powerful tool. Many digital tools help, but we think analog mind mapping adds pleasure to the process. The smell of leather and paper and the sound of the pen on paper coax words into your journal. Read on for some mind mapping ideas.

How Does The Mind Mapping Process Begin?

You’re feeling creative but don’t know where to start. You need a semi-artistic outlet that wrangles your brain chaos into a physical picture of all those ideas. Maybe you’re a writer, an artist, a photographer, a musician, or maybe you’re none of these. No matter your skill or comfortability with “creative” projects, you can create a mind map journal. If thoughts and ideas flow through your head, mind journaling is your jam!

So, what really is a mind map journal? It’s an on-paper representation of what’s happening in your brain. That means that there are no rules, systems, or guidelines to follow. Your mind, your map! It’s putting your mind on paper. Transfer the scattered (and organized) places and thoughts to paper and be inspired by your power to generate ideas, create connections, and think deeply.

How To Start Mind Mapping

How do you really go about putting your brain to paper? Sometimes beginning with a single word in the center of the page is just enough to get your wheels turning. For example, you’re a songwriter and you want to write a song about the emotions brought on by a sunset on the beach. You might put “Sunset on the beach” in the middle of the page and then branch out with feelings, sounds, colors, memories, whatever comes to mind. These words and phrases can be later pieced into a story for a song.

Mind maps can be brainstorms, like the song writing example. Mind maps can also provide practical ways of organizing work or study tasks. Start with “blog ideas” and brainstorm your blog content to see topics and categories take shape.

Need Some Inspiration?

Here are a few questions to nudge your mind mapping ideas into action.

Mind mapping ideas and example

Are there certain words and ideas you’ve been thinking about recently?

Are there questions you’ve been asked that you didn’t know the answer to but want to think about more?

Are there questions you’ve been asking others lately?

Are there quotes from books that you’ve written down or put to memory recently?

Did you read a poem and feel inspired to write your own?

Have you been sorting through new business ideas?

Are you convinced there is a better process for a task at the office?

Did you listen to a song or a podcast that left your mind swimming with ideas and inspiration that you haven’t yet processed? What might these ideas lead to?

If you have some colored pens and a piece of paper, can you color the emotions you’re feeling or create motifs and sketches that illustrate your thoughts?

Are there any of the above that relate to each other that you can draw lines to connect?

Mind Maps Are Uniquely Your Own

Remember this is your mind map. This is a way to create a page that represents your own brain, which means it’s just for you! Don’t worry about what anyone else might see. You are creative, you have great ideas, and your mind map is just a small reflection of the complex person you are. Give your wandering ideas a place to belong. You’ll find they start to connect and make sense once you see them on paper.

As we say here at Leatherpress, you’ll see songs written, problems solved, dreams begun!