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Top 5 Benefits of Journaling

At Leatherpress, we love leather journals and notebooks. We appreciate the keenly personal nature of journals, and what we choose to write, draw or doodle inside.  Whether you are simply a notebook lover, or a years-long journaling expert, you’ll appreciate these notes on the benefits of journaling. Journaling can be good for your health!

Here’s a brief list of how to use your journal in ways that may enhance your well-being.

Gratitude Journaling

The scientific facts about journaling show that gratitude releases dopamine and seratonin, two chemicals in our body that make us feel happy and contented.  Taking time to journal what you’re thankful for can make a difference in your mindset! We’ve got a gratitude journal blog here if you need a jumpstart. For more on gratitude, check out this article.

Journaling for Reflection and Insight

Regular journaling can bring insight to our patterns of behavior and desire, and help us understand our specific strengths and weaknesses. Try writing through experiences to better observe reactions, possible alternatives, areas of growth and appreciation of your own uniqueness.

Journal for Creative Problem Solving

Sometimes decision points are difficult to see or the decision itself is difficult. Use your journal to free write or to make pro and con columns. Write down all the legs of a particular issue or challenge in mind map form. Sometimes seeing a situation written down on paper makes it easier to work through

Mind mapping ideas and example

Make a List

This is one from Mom: “Just make a list!” The physical act of writing on paper releases stress, and you can be sure you’ll remember the email you’ve got to send first thing, or the brainstorm for the sales presentation or to pick up the garlic for your dinner recipe. 

Record Beauty

Write poetry, sketch, compose prayers, make mind maps, store up great quotes, record family memories.  Use your journal to get down on paper what makes you really happy. Looking back in later years brings all the feelings back:  togetherness, grief, hilarity or contentedness. 

Of course, we love Leatherpress full grain leather journals because they reflect the beauty of whatever you put inside.  Browse our selection of leather notebooks and journals today!