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Why a Journal Makes a Great Gift

1. A Leatherpress journal lasts.

A journal is a vast storage space for memories, scrapbooking adventures, recipes, and so much more. It preserves transient thoughts and one-time events. Full grain leather journals like Leatherpress journals are built to last, physically. But they’re also built to make other things last. Journals make that wonderful vacation last, they revive the emotional rollercoaster of your 20s later in life, and store the hopes and dreams you’ve had since you were a kid.

2. It's something everyone will use.

Do you find yourself buying a gift for someone and thinking to yourself, “will they ever actually use this?” Make an investment that will be worth your money by gifting a journal. Not everyone will use a journal for recapping every day or processing their emotions, but maybe you know someone who loves food, someone who loves to scrapbook, or someone who just appreciates a handwritten to-do list. For whomever you’re giving to, a journal will be just right. Who knows, you might just inspire the next best-selling writer!

3. It pairs well with other gifts.

Everyone feels the shape of a book in wrapping paper. Depending on the person, their reaction can be disappointment or delight. But what about when it’s paired with a journal? You’ll have even the reluctant readers excited when you give them a journal alongside a book. Not only did you choose a book for them, but you also provided a reading journal where they can think, process, and write for themselves. Download our Reading Journal template HERE. Or, for the aspiring artist, gift a journal alongside a set of paints, brushes, or pencils.

4. It is elegant without being pretentious.

A beautiful leather journal is meant to be held, used, and loved.  It reflects who you are and what you hold dear. The feel of South African leather in our Leatherpress journals piques the senses and adds refinement to any routine. But their elegance is also practical. Leather journals are sturdy and meant to withstand a crammed commute, frantic note taking, or constant misplacement. The elegance of a leather journal is understated—you’ll  feel comfortable taking it to work or class or on your daily out-and-about.  You choose the occasion, Leatherpress is there for the ride.

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