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10 Ways to Use a Pocket Notebook

The popularity of Leatherpress Pocket Journals proves they’re just as desirable as our larger journals. In fact, slightly over half of all Leatherpress Journals sold in 2023 were pocket journals.

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How To Keep A Gratitude Journal That Works

A gratitude journal is a great way to turn thankful thoughts into an agent of change for your mind, body and spirit. Your gratitude journal is your personal place to pause and look at yourself – reflect on your blessings in life as well as the areas you would like to see change.

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Great Wall of China

10 Reasons To Keep A Travel Journal

Half the journey is anticipation. Choose a Leatherpress journal and put down your plans. Create a list of must-sees, and throw in a couple to take a chance on. Leave time for interruption or a detour – that’s where the magic happens.

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